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South Africa
Oscar Pistorius arrives at the Police Station / Photo: SAPA

Oscar Pistorius Trial

Follow us for comprehensive updates and stories from the murder trial of South African Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius - Live from Pretoria.

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Oscar Pistorius's bail application will be made for a schedule 6 offence.567 CapeTalk
Oscar will be officially charged with premeditated murder.Modern Athlete Updates added to include explanation about schedule 5 & 6 offences @MandyWiener @StephenGrootes @Radio702567 CapeTalk
“@barrybateman: #OscarPistorius Nair if I find it was premeditated, the accused has to show exceptional circumstances to be released. BB”Oluwashina Okeleji
“@BBCAndrewH: #OscarPistorius silently mouths some words in anguish as magistrate mentions possibility of life imprisonment.”Oluwashina Okeleji
Nair: "I cannot completely exclude, if not premeditation, planning." Consider it schedule 6, the most serious offence. Pistorius shakes.David Smith
#OscarPistorius magistrate gives blow to athlete's chances of bail with early ruling on premeditated murder not murder. For now.andrew harding
#OscarPistorius Nair at this point in time, I cannot rule out premeditation. For the purposes of bail - we go Schedule 6. BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair save to say, there doesn't need to be a lengthy period of time for consideration of the act. BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair I'm not going into full discussion of meaning of premeditation. BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair I'm in possession of a charge sheet with a full description of the allegations, I have heads of argument. BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair voting case law on the submission of the note from the DPP.He's making quite a thing of the ascence of this. BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair I'm perplexed why my job wasn't made easier. But it's not impossible for me to deal with this matter. BBBarry Bateman
If the Pistorius case was in Kenya I think he would have been acquitted by now for lack of evidence. Todate Wanjiru's death nothings clearEvelyn Watta
#OscarPistorius Nair The CPA makes provision for the director of public prosecutions to recommend the schedule. BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair I find it unfortunate that I have been called on to rule on this. I asked Nel why he has not submitted note from DPP.Barry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair Roux took issue with each of those items of fact - he says, "so what?" BBBarry Bateman
#OscarPistorius Nair state says only inference is that accused put on prosthesis, armed himself and shot through door. BBBarry Bateman
what could have transpired between Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, I pity the guy...what an irony of life!Ajibola Adedoye
Oscar Pistorius defence has claimed he was in training for a new triathlon, pistol shooting then indoor cricket finished off with a sprint.kieron
Interesting @Independent piece on Pistorius PR, spin and trial by media (our Sunday convo @Spavlar @charlie_trueman)C Trotman-Dickenson
Only 26 journos allowed in court today. Only 10 print. World top story. Doesn't look pretty...Johannes Myburgh
Oscar Pistorius is due soon in court for a second time, at 7am GMT on Tuesday, to apply for bail. EN

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