Guiyang 2015 athletes poses with the IAAF team - Photo credit: © Getty Images for IAAF

No less than US$280,000 in prize money will be paid out by the [link id="175" tax="post_tag" text="IAAF"] to the leading runners in the two senior races at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Guiyang 2015 on Saturday 28 March.

At the 41st edition of the championships, but the first to be held in China, a first prize of US$30,000 will be awarded to each individual winner of the men’s and women’s senior races, with money available down to sixth place.

In total, US$140,000 is on offer for individual prizes.

In the team contest in both senior races, there is another prize pool of US$140,000.

This is distributed with US$20,000 going to the first team home in each race, descending to sixth place in both races, where the pay out by the IAAF is US$4000.

Prize Money (in US$) – senior men’s and women’s races only.*

1st – 30,000
2nd – 15,000
3rd – 10,000
4th – 7000
5th – 5000
6th – 3000

1st – 20,000
2nd – 16,000
3rd – 12,000
4th – 10,000
5th – 8000
6th – 4000

* No prize money paid for the junior races. The payment of prize money in the senior races is dependent upon the athletes clearing the usual anti-doping procedures.

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