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Coming to Maurice 2022: Here’s FIVE places to absolutely visit in Mauritius!

Here are the FIVE must visit beautiful places and scenery in Mauritius that you should visit if you are coming to Maurice 2022 on Sport Trips with Athletics Africa.

Le Morne peninsula / Photo credit: Trivago
Le Morne peninsula / Photo credit: Trivago

In our new dedicated vertical called ‘Sport Trips’, we take you to every nook and crannies of an African country we visit on the back of covering sports tournaments and track and field championships to see the beauty of Africa.

This week, we are at the Cote D’or National Sport Complex in St. Pierre, Mauritius for the 22nd edition of the CAA African Senior Athletics Championships (COCAAS22) from 8-12 June, 2022.

Here are the FIVE must visit beautiful places and scenery in Mauritius that you should visit if you are coming to Maurice 2022 before you leave the country:

Le Morne

One of the most beautiful places on Earth where the mountain meets the sea in having an underwater waterfall elusion. On top of the mountain, a complete view of the the South of the Island is being portrayed with its different hues of blues which will leave one speechless.

The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a summit of 556 metre high. Legend says the mountain has been used as a refuge by slaves, the marrons, running away for their lives. It has become the symbol of their sufferings, and of their fights for freedom and sacrifices.

Because it’s a peninsula, the wind, the swell makes it one of the best spots in the world to kite surf or windsurf. The huge flat lagoon is perfect for freestyle/freeride kite surfer. A little further back, Oneye is an exposed reef break that has consistent wave to surf. Not without mentioning, the snorkelling and the scuba diving, mesmerising.

From above, you have that optical illusion where you can see an underwater waterfall. It isn’t the water which is falling into the unknown, but rather the sand and silt sediments which are in perpetual movement. Worth to see, but only in a plane and on a clear day.

Port Louis

While postcard images of Mauritius Island may only show palm-fringed beaches and turquoise ocean, the bustling capital city of Mauritius is located on the island’s northwest coast. Unfortunately, most visitors to Mauritius overlook it, unaware that there is a plethora of things to see and do in Port Louis.

Among the best things to do in Port Louis, Mauritius are sampling local street food at the Central Market, wandering through the colorful alleyways of Chinatown, admiring over 60 street arts, and visiting historic landmarks and buildings.

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Mauritius’ capital city and main port is Port Louis. Mahe de Labourdonnais, a well-known French governor, built the city in 1735. Today, it is Mauritius’ largest city as well as the island’s economic and administrative center. Many historic and colonial buildings in Port Louis have been preserved over the years.

One of them is Fort Adelaide, a British fortification built in 1835. The largest and oldest post office in Mauritius is also in Port Louis, close to the Caudan Waterfront. There are a few French-styled buildings in the city center that add to Port Louis’ charm.

So, if someone is wondering what to do in Port-Louis: Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Market, Fort Adelaide (also known as La Citadelle), Chinatown, Champ de Mars, Natural History Museum & Marie Reine de la Paix are among the main attraction.

Sugar cane plantations near Rose Belle, Mauritius

Sugar cane plantations near Rose Belle / Credit: Wikipedia

Grand Port – The East

Where everything began. The first ever important region of Mauritius. The battle between the Dutch, the French, and the English to conquer this little jewel that has been much written about.

The story is fascinating. Since Mauritius has been on the road silk, this little island has been used for a well-deserved halt for sailors and ships.

The district’s most well known and popular beaches is Blue Bay, one of the finest bathing spots on the island surrounded by a semicircle of filao trees.

Situated on the southeast coast, not far from Mahébourg, Blue Bay offers a fine stretch of white sandy beach, and a deep, clear, light-blue bathing pool. There is also scope for yachting and windsurfing. Many structures in the district reflect the colonial past of the district.

Just north of Mahebourg, Vallée de Ferney contains indigenous forests and a range of endangered plants and animals. Off the coast, Ile aux Aigrettes is a small island where the original ecosystems of Mauritius have been to some degree rehabilitated.

The bay of Grand Bay also known as Mahébourg bay itself offers a relatively well-preserved underwater flora and fauna which makes it an ideal snorkelling site.

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Grand Baie

Grand Bay (or Grand Baie) is a seaside village and large tourist beach in the Rivière du Rempart district of Mauritius’ northwestern coast. Grand Bay was once known as De Bogt Zonder Eyndt (Bay Without End) by the Dutch in the 17th century, and it is easy to see why when visiting the village.

Today, the resort town of Grand Bay is Mauritius’ most popular tourist destination. It provides safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and water-skiing facilities, and it is also the starting point for deep sea fishing trips and boat excursions to the islands to the north of Mauritius: Gunners’ Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island.

With warm summers and mild winters, Grand Bay is a great place to visit at any time of year.

It provides its visitors with the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the calm sea, and the beautiful beaches for sunbathing and swimming.Grand Bay and the northern region are recommended for a great holiday year round because the wind is generally offshore, and together with the beaches and lagoons that are sheltered by the winds.

In the summer (November to March), the North, particularly Grand Bay, can become extremely hot and humid, necessitating the use of only a T-Shirt.


Chamarel is a small village in southwest Mauritius known for the enchanting 7 Colored Earth, a stunning waterfall, exquisite rum distillery, scenic drive, and ubiquitous coffee plantations.

The Earth abruptly opens in the middle of tropical mountains, revealing Mauritius’ most mysterious location, unparalleled sand dunes. These are not ordinary sand dunes; they have seven colors and a perfect shape.

We still don’t know how this natural gem formed millions of years ago, but we can probably blame it on volcanic activity. This perfect and colorful combination was created by hot lava, cool air, different temperatures, iron, aluminum, and natural processes, but it is still difficult to explain how the colors are perfectly separated.

Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius’ highest single-drop waterfall, is a must-see while visiting this part of the island. This waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery and fed by two rivers, is best seen during the rainy season (or after torrential rain), when the volume of the flowing water nearly doubles.

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A nice sign compares the height of the waterfall to the Statue of Liberty and explains more about the volcanic activity that shaped the landscape and valley. The best part about visiting this waterfall is that from the viewing platform, you can easily see different lava layers, which is awesome.

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