CAA President, Hamad Kalkaba Malboum flanked by Mrs Hauwa-Kulu Akinyemi, Director, Nigerian Sports Commission, CAA Vice President, Theophile Montcho and other dignitaries during the signing ceremony at the Grand Stade de Marrakech/Photo credit: Yomi Omogbeja

The Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) believes its officials are targeted negatively in the fight against doping that is bedeviling track and field discipline at the moment.

[link id="174" tax="post_tag" text="CAA"], in a statement posted on its website, said the embattled International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) former president [link id="186" tax="post_tag" text="Lamine Diack"] is being condemned without trial for abetting doping.

"For some days, the African athletics family is living some particularly difficult moments due to allegations against some of its members, mainly President Lamine Diack, as part of an investigation led by the Independent Commission of World Anti-Doping Agency," CAA President [link id="506" tax="post_tag" text="Kalkaba Malboum"] said in a statement received in Nairobi on Tuesday.

French police are investigating the son of former President Diack and the former head of its anti-doping department, amid the corruption crisis engulfing international athletics.

Papa Massata Diack - a former consultant to the IAAF, Valentin Balakhnichev - the former president of the All-Russia Athletic Federation (ARAF), Alexei Melnikov - a former chief ARAF coach for long distance walkers and runners, and Gabriel Dolle - the former director of the IAAF's anti-doping department, have been charged with various alleged breaches of the IAAF code of ethics.

"Without judging on the ongoing investigation - all people who are mentioned in this matter fully benefit from the presumption of innocence.

"It is our duty to talk to you and to all the family members whom I call to unity, peace and serenity especially in this difficult moment," said Malboum, who is also[link id="175" tax="post_tag" text=" IAAF"] Council member.

"Despite this turbulence aiming at Africa, we still show our loyalty, our affection and our full support to President Lamine Diack who has devoted himself, soul and body for decades to serve this discipline both on continental and world levels," Malboum added.

Kenya's IAAF Council Member [link id="857" tax="post_tag" text="David Okeyo"] is also being investigated by Kenya Anti-Fraud Unit and Criminal Investigation Department for his role in signing up new Nike deal that saw the American sports firm pay up 500,000 U.S. dollars as a sign up fees for the official to use.

Nike signed a deal with [link id="81" tax="category" text="Kenya"], lasting 10 years up to 2022.