Kenyans Edna Kiplagat and Wilson Kipsang today claimed impressive victories at the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon in front of Buckingham Palace, London.

[link id="299" tax="post_tag" text="Wilson Kipsang" target="_blank"], the world marathon record-holder, claimed the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon course record in a time of 2:04:29. The previous record was 2:04:40.

Kenyan Stanley Biwott finished in second position in 2.04.55 while [link id="325" tax="post_tag" text="Tsegaye Kebede" target="_blank"] of Ethiopia clocked 2.06.30 for third place.

"I feel I performed very well here," said Kipsang, who earned a $25,000 bonus for the record. "There were a lot of strong guys and it was a tactical race. My plan worked very well."

The women podium finishers - Edna Kiplagat, Florence Kiplagat and Tirunesh Dibaba / Photo credit: VMLM 2014

The women podium finishers - Edna Kiplagat, Florence Kiplagat and Tirunesh Dibaba / Photo credit: VMLM 2014

In the women's race, it was a sprint finish between Kenyans Edna and Florence Kiplagat for the title. The two Kenyans battling it out in front after debutant Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia fell behind after dropping her drink at a station.

[link id="250" tax="post_tag" text="Edna Kiplagat" target="_blank"], 34, who twice finished second in the race, went one better with a winning time of 2:20:21 ahead of her compatriot [link id="429" tax="post_tag" text="Florence Kiplagat" target="_blank"], second in 2:20:24 while [link id="249" tax="post_tag" text="Tirunesh Dibaba" target="_blank"] settled for third place in 2:20:35 - a stunning debut for the Ethiopian queen.

Two other Ethiopians Feyse Tadese (2:21:42) and Aberu Kebede (2:23:21) made up the top five.

Selected Results

  1. Kipsang, Wilson (KEN) 2:04:29
  2. Biwott, Stanley (KEN) 2:04:55
  3. Kebede, Tsegaye (ETH) 2:06:30
  4. Abshero, Ayele (ETH) 2:06:31
  5. Mekonnen, Tsegaye (ETH) 2:08:06
  6. Mutai, Geoffrey (KEN) 2:08:18
  7. Mutai, Emmanuel (KEN) 2:08:19
  8. Farah, Mo (GBR) 2:08:21
  9. Lilesa, Feyisa (ETH) 2:08:26
  10. Vail, Ryan (USA) 2:10:57


  1. Kiplagat, Edna (KEN) 2:20:21
  2. Kiplagat, Florence (KEN) 2:20:24
  3. Dibaba, Tirunesh (ETH) 2:20:35
  4. Tadese, Feyse (ETH) 2:21:42
  5. Kebede, Aberu (ETH) 2:23:21
  6. Augusto, Jessica (POR) 2:24:25
  7. Gamera-Shmyrko, Tetyana (UKR) 2:25:30
  8. Felix, Ana Dulce (POR) 2:26:46
  9. Gelana, Tiki (ETH) 2:26:58
  10. Kovalenko, Liudmyla (UKR) 2:31:31