Navy Commodore Omatseye Nesiama

The Technical Director of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Navy Commodore Omatseye Nesiama, has been delegated to oversee the successful hosting of the first AFN Golden League meeting in Abuja on Saturday.

According to [link id="148" tax="post_tag" text="Commodore Nesiama" target="_blank"] the Golden League series would be used to assess the current state of the athletes in the country.

"We intend to use this competition to assess the current state of our athletes especially in the Junior and senior categories," said Nesiama.

"In the event that a junior athlete would be competing in the throws, the applicable implements according to their class would be used and results indicated accordingly."

"For each of our competitions at least one member of the Technical Committee has been appointed as technical delegate," he added.

Appointed technical delegates for the other legs of the series are:

  • Malam Yussuf Alli for Ilorin
  • Prof Olatunde Makanju for Akure
  • Mr Ado Maude for Kaduna
  • Mr Seigha Porbeni for Benin City
  • Dr Ken Anugweje for Port Harcourt

Entry to the League

Commodore Nesiama also reiterated that only licensed athletes with registered clubs and/or states athletics bodies who had also sent in their entries for the various events would be allowed to compete in the League.

"Please note and assist to disseminate that for the umpteenth time we are insisting that only licensed athletes with registered clubs/states that have also sent in their entries for the various events that would be allowed to compete in the League," said Nesiama.

"The cut-off date for the making of entries was Wednesday. This is the only way we can come up with a clear start list at least 24hrs before the competition that we aim to achieve this season."

Meanwhile, the AFN has already compiled the names of selected athletes and officials for the African Youth and Junior camps towards the African Youth Games, Botswana, Youth Olympics in Nanjing China and World Junior Championships in USA.

Youth teams

Commodore Nesiama said those selected commenced training this week in Sapele.

"Please note that for the Youth, we no longer have luxury of time as the Games organizer has directed that we send in a specific number of entries and in our case it was initially 8 athletes but after much pressure from us, it was increased to 16 athletes.

"Thus, our camp for the youths would be tailored towards competitive performance and not just towards selection trials. As for the juniors, they would be allowed to participate in the first Golden League to determine their further specific training needs."

"The coaches have been directed to commence by interacting with the athletes and based on the outcome from such reactions, they are to submit their draft programme for assessment before approval," he added.

Commodore Nesiama also said the Athletics Performance Director, Eric Campbell and one of the Performance Coaches would be studying the programme and making appropriate recommendations for approval before execution.

"Weekly Assessment reports would be expected from the coaches which would help to determine the contents of the programme that needs to be changed or maintained," said Nesiama.

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