International Olympic Committee 127th IOC Session in Monaco

Leading Olympians and representatives of the global sporting movement have added their voices in support of Olympic Agenda 2020.

Top athletes from five continents, many of whom were involved in the process of creating the 40 recommendations, have strongly backed the plans.

[link id="631" tax="post_tag" text="Olympic Agenda 2020"], the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, will be discussed and voted on by the full IOC membership at the 127th IOC Session in Monaco this week.

After a round-table discussion with President [link id="336" tax="post_tag" text="Thomas Bach"] and 10 other Olympians at the launch of the recommendations on 18 November, Marsha Marescia, a three-time hockey Olympian from [link id="217" tax="category" text="South Africa"], said: “Olympic Agenda 2020 for me is quite exciting. It shows a promising future for the athletes.

"It’s really fantastic that we as athletes were able to give some input and also be educated about it.”

Support from all continents and throughout the sports world has been given to the Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations, which will be voted on one by one at the Monaco Session on 8 and 9 December.

The recommendations focus on the three themes of sustainability, credibility and youth, and are designed to safeguard the uniqueness of the [link id="427" tax="post_tag" text="Olympic Games"] and strengthen the role of sport in society.

[icon size="small" name="file-text"] Read the full list of Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations:
IOC Olympic Agenda 2020 Recommendations