Abreham Anderson meeting for the first time (October 12th) @ his brother's (Ezekiel) Soccer game/ Photo Credit:Rob Mandje

A few days ago, our good friend Roberto Mandje brought to our attention on his blog his mentee, Abreham Anderson from Ethiopia.

Now Roberto is a trail/distance running star and a 2004 Athens Olympian in the 1500m event. Though born in Barcelona, Spain, Rob compete internationally for Equatorial Guinea, his mother's birthplace.

Thus Rob introduced his new mentee...and we tell you...watch out for the next Mo Farah.

"About a month ago I was contacted by a family based in Denver. They're an amazing family and I can't do them justice in just a few words. In short, Ben Anderson and his wife Teresa have adopted 4 kids over the years from Ethiopia. Their most recent adoption, 13-year-old Abreham, has shown a remarkable love for running. Ben got a hold of me through a mutual friend and asked/gave me the honour of mentoring young Abreham.

Since our first meeting about a month ago, I have met with Abreham a few times and have gone running with him. I truly look forward to taking him under my wing and being a good mentor/role model for him in the years to come. Also, I might as well enjoy running with him while I'm STILL faster than him. He is talented, driven and super competitive! Thanks again to Ben and Teresa for allowing me to be a part of their lovely and eclectic family!

We have just launched our Athletics Africa Foundation (ATAFF) and over the course of the next decade we hope to help many young Africans to realise their dreams in education and sport. The public launch will take place in early 2014.

Do watch this space.

(Photo: Young Abreham Anderson meeting his mentor for the first time (October 12th) at his brother's (Ezekiel) Soccer game / Credit: Rob Mandje)