The team at the first edition of the Carthage Marathon in Tunisia

The beautiful serene atmosphere in the Carthage City of Tunisia will be well-showcased once more as over 600 runners from across the world will be taking part in the second edition of The Carthage Race International Marathon on 28 February, 2016.

Though virtually new on the growing Tunisian athletics calendar, The Carthage Race International Marathon is already positioning itself as one of the choice races on the continent even as it has started throwing up world beaters after just one edition of the race.

The Carthage Race will take place in Carthage with start from the old, mythic Roman Theatre of Carthage.

Runners will discover the entire Phoenician heritage, the beauty of Sidi Bousaid and La Marsa beach, on an accurately measured, fast and flat looped course.

The last metres will see runners run past the Presidential Palace and return to the Carthage Roman Theatre.

Full marathon runners will run four laps while the half marathon runners will need to run two laps to complete the race.

The 2nd Carthage Marathon in Tunisia

The 2nd Carthage marathon in Tunisia holds on Sunday February 28, 2016.

Naamen Bouhamed, who is one of the brains behind the Carthage Race, told [link id="338" tax="post_tag" text="AthleticsAfrica"], the unique long distance challenge is fast carving a niche for itself.

“For the 1st edition nearly just 100 runners participated, but beyond that, it was the launching of another big thing with the great opportunity to be the African Leg of the Triple 7 Quest.” said Naamen.

“More than 10 nationalities took part at this international event. The numbers were low for the first edition more because it was night race, the athletes arrive from Paris at 11pm - Start run at midnight and leave Tunisia at 11am for New Nork,” Naamen further explained.

But having gotten in right from the onset, Naamen promises a spectacle this term especially having delivered top quality in the other races held in Tunisia; including the [link id="268" tax="post_tag" text="Sfax Marathon"]

“This year we are expecting as much as 600 runners for the four races. They are coming from all over the world (USA, Germany, Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco, France, Switzerland, Poland, India, Hungary, Italy, Egypt etc)

“We propose four races to give us a more dynamic way for all the population to discover what it means having international level race with bib timing race results, what it means to have AIMS-IAAF measuring race with all the technical aspect of the race. It's still new in [link id="816" tax="category" text="Tunisia."]

It is understood that Air France, the official carrier, will make a special gift to one runner living in Tunisia that will win a special weekend to participate at the Paris Marathon in April.

Also, 250 volunteers; mostly students from all Tunisia will show how their country is proud to organize this kind of event.

“Building right level organization race is hard, its new, it’s a challenge to create new sport tourism opportunities inside our cultural heritage in Tunisia.

“This challenge all the authorities are providing all their supports, security, health, advisory etc. Welcome to the new Tunisia,” Nameen added.