Sfax Marathon International Olive Trees

Organisers of the Sfax International Marathon, Sports Med Events (SME) have announced the signing of a partnership with SOPAL as title sponsor ahead of the start of the 5th edition of the event which will be held between December 4 and December 11, 2016.

The 5th SOPAL Sfax Marathon which has been certified in 2017 for the World Athletics Championship in London will commence with the Junior Marathon while Sunday December 11 will see the international competition at Bishka Ksar el Hanna Menzel Chaker.

Partnering for the first time on first certified AIMS-IAAF Marathon International in Tunisia, Sopal, specialist and leader in the manufacture and distribution of its products in all sectors of sanitary equipments and water and gas connections, wants to make the competition one of the highlight event not only in Sfax, Tunisia but also on the African continent.

Owner and CEO of SOPAL, Mohamed Regayeg, stated:

"The objective of SOPAL is to help people to use the Sfax Marathon platform to expose the best of themselves. We will also use the opportunity to improve the image of made in Tunisia brand abroad, help in creating of employment and contribute to the country’s growth.

"We would also like to use our know-how and experience to benefit others who are looking for high level of technical and managerial performance and participate in saving water and energy. Every one of our actions, internally or externally, we will promote and involve the best of people as much as possible."

Sopal also considers what it does with the International marathon as corporate social responsibility.

“We are adopting socially responsible behaviour. One of the main aims of SOPAL is achieving profits but not its only "raison d'être" and after some reflection, we have opted to use this avenue of being socially responsible and investing more in human capital."

Managing Director of SME Naamen Bouhamed also commented and said:

"Sopal was the first sponsorship partner who has constant and attentive to the evolution right from the first edition of this project, the Sfax International Marathon des Oliviers. If the olive tree is a symbol of peace, Sopal is today the ambassador of Sfax Metropolis, Ambassador of Tunisia, a country that is thinking of the future of its citizens.

"In 5 years, we have come a long way, with more than 200 people contributing to the success of this unique event in Tunisia. I am proud that this youth Sfax Marathon event is to be partnered with one of the highest in the Sfax and Tunisian industry. Our collaboration will only bring even more value to a city and a company whose dynamism is the flagship of Tunisia.

"The SOPAL Sfax international marathon is a promotional event held once a year. It is meant to carry the flag of international marathon and and also expose the rich culture and history of the Sfax Metropolis, the southern region and Tunisia.

"SME will through this partnership bring a new dimension to Tunisia and abroad dynamic new territorial attractiveness.

"Bringing together several thousand participants, including young people who are getting more active and media coverage it enjoys, the Sopal Sfax International Marathon is an opportunity for this leading company in Tunisia and Africa to strengthen its image and increase brand awareness not only in Tunisia but to other parts of the world."


SOPAL, a company established in 1981, has nowadays become the Tunisian leader in the manufacture and distribution of products in all sectors of sanitary equipments and water and gas connections.

In fact, SOPAL tries to make all its efforts to get totally integrated systems equipped with the most effective means of conception and development and with numerical machines for all sorts of production in order to guarantee efficiency and innovation for the quality of its products all over the world. SOPAL is nowadays applying its growing strategy to the development of a brand policy in Tunisia, Europe, Arab Maghreb, and West Africa.