The newly introduced Tunisia Women Run took place on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step and that big step to make the newly introduced Tunisia Women Run an internationally acclaimed race was taken in Sousse on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Top cities around the world including; Boston, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin and even Madrid have all embraced 100% Women races and the latest addition on this list is the beautiful Tunisian city of Sousse.

Presently, there are more than 400 Marathons and Half Marathons set aside 100% for women in 25 countries and more than one million runners have taken part in such events over time.

From Casablanca to Dubai, Abu Dhabi to Algiers via Beirut, Tunisia is the latest country in offering all women marathon through the 1st edition of the "Tunisia Women Run" held in Sousse.

Under a summer temperature, more than 22°, the Tunisian elite Mahmouba Belgacem (National Guard), Nada Omri (Army) responded present and lined up on the starting line with competing amateur Mouna Kortas.

The race was flagged off at 09:00 on Sunday under the delighted eyes of husbands, relatives, friends and tourists who discovered for the first time an international event of this size.

Three distances were competed in; bringing together for this 1st edition more than 250 women runners from all over Tunisia, including Tunisian residents from the United States of America, France, Italy and Algeria.

Runners ran under the colors of their associations like Gym Running Club, Run in Sousse, Run in Marsa, Marsa Running Club, Running Club Tunis, Running Club Sfax, Monastir Running Club, Olymp Gym California Sousse Gym or under the colours of their company as Teleperformance.

Hard to beat a record under this heat that absorbs a lot of energy it should be noted that to date more than 484 women are below 1 hour and 10 minutes for the half marathon in the world.

The security authorities, the civil protection, the volunteers, the judges, the organizers had the sole objective to succeed in this 1st edition held in the city of Sousse, Tunisia.

Sousse lived up to its billing but not without the backing of the sponsors; including GymClub, Pamola Spa, AVENE, ARGANIA, GHOSH, Teleperformance, MIP, Promosports, Alwen International, the Tunisian National Tourist Office, the Governorate of Sousse, the municipality of Sousse the Delegation from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Naamen Bouhamed of the Sports Med Event's warmly thanked the sponsors for their contributions and more importantly for believing in them in hosting the 1st edition of the Tunisian Women Run.

“We will give them rendezvous in 2019 for the 2nd edition of Tunisia Women Run.” He assured.

Bouhamed on behalf of Sport Med Events also thanked its main private partners: GymClub, Pamola Spa, AVENE, ARGANIA, GHOSH, TelePerformance, Alwen International-France, as well as the Tunisian National Tourism Office and Promosports, and the Media MIP – Jawhara & Nejma FM.

“Our thanks also go to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and its Regional Office in Sousse in the Sousse Governorate to the Municipality of Sousse to the Tunisian Athletics Federation, to the health security authorities and all public actors that accompany this dynamic sport,” said Bouhamed.

RESULTS - Tunisia Women's Run 2018 - One day, 3 races.


  1. Mahbouba Belgacem (Tunisia)  1 :33 :01
  2. Nada Omri (Tunisia)  1 :33 :02
  3. Mona Kortas (Tunisia)  1 :38 :07


  1. Chefia Hendaoui (Tunisia) 44 :45
  2. Amna Lee (USA)  55 :57
  3. Chiraz Neji (TunisiA) 56 :16

5 km

  1. Jihen Ouni (Tunisia)  27:11
  2. Nadya Yengui (Tunisia) 27:21
  3. Rabeb Rezgui (Tunisia) 28:42