Isaac Makwaala of Botswana after winning the men's 400m in a Championships Record of 44.23 secs in Marrakech - August 2014 / Photo Credit: Yomi Omogbeja

Botswana's quarter-miler, Isaac Makwala is the African men's 400m record-holder (44.01) and will lead [link id="533" tax="post_tag" text="TeamAfrica"]'s campaign for honours this weekend at the IAAF Continental Cup in Marrakech.

Last month at the African Senior Athletics Championships - Marrakech 2014, Makwala sets a new Championship record of 44.23 secs to reclaim his African title.

AthleticsAfrica editor, Yomi Omogbeja, caught up with [link id="479" tax="post_tag" text="Isaac Makwala" target="_blank"] in Marrakech. Here are 12 things you never knew about Isaac Makwala outside of Track and Field.

AA: What is your greatest fear?
IM: I really can't say. I trust myself and not afraid of anything

AA: What is the traits you most deplore in others?
IM: I don't like to judge others. Most of the times, I try and look at the fact that we are different and have different reaction, thinking, and reasons for doing things our own way.

AA:  What food do you like the most?
IM: Rice, papa and chicken.

AA: Which book are you reading at the moment?
IM: None

AA: What is your favourite pre-competition routine?
IM: Resting, watching TV and listening to music.

AA: Who are your toughest rivals on the track?
IM: Lashawn Merritt and Kirani James.

AA: If you had to choose another event to star in, which would it be?
IM: The 200m because I already have good [fast] times there.

AA: If you weren't an athlete, what would you be doing?
IM: In school, completing my studies and working.

AA: Who is your best friend?
IM: He he he, I don't have the best one they are many.

AA: What is your favourite African/Botswana movie?
IM: African: Sarafina (South Africa).

AA: What is your favourite African music star/song?
IM: Oliver Mtukuzi.

AA: What do you consider your greatest achievement
IM: Winning the African title in Porto-Novo 2012 and setting the African record in 400m this year.