Indian half marathon Sangai Run opens on iconic Loktak Lake

For runners across Africa, a new half marathon in the state of Manipur, India, is inviting participants to the festival of activities to herald the first Sangai Run on November 19, 2017.

Set in the surroundings of the iconic Loktak Lake and its wondrous floating park, the Sangai Run will take runners through trails untrodden by many wandering feet, according to the organisers Oorep Sports.

The Sangai Run is named after the famous brow-antlered deer, an endangered species that is endemic in the region. Many Manipuris believe that the sangai deer is the binding soul between humans and nature and is one of the most famous icons of the state.

“We would like to invite runners from across the African continent to take part in our scenic half marathon and festival event being held on November 19, 2017 in Manipur, India.

"It is proposed to be an outstanding International Sporting & Tourism event with a large number of people enjoying a day of sporting activity and entertainment across the beautiful Loktak Lake (the only lake in the world with floating islands),” said co-founder Ajanta Moirangthem.

The 21km race will take place in a serene environment with a package that many runners will be unable to turn down.

“The first 20 registered participants from abroad will be provided a round trip airfare from their point of entry into India (Delhi/Mumbai/Kolkata) along with local hospitality for 2 nights and 2 days at a resort around the Loktak Lake at the cost of organizers,” said Moirangthem.

“We are inviting enthusiastic professional/amateur runners from across the globe to come and participate in our event filled with an exciting run in the midst of scenic beauty and to experience the culture of Manipur,” he concluded.

Details can be found on the organisers website and social media pages of the race. Interested participants may also contact CampsBay Media, the African representatives of the Sangai Run.