Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge won the 34th ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday.

Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge won the 34th ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday, but failed in his bid to break the course record on a windy day in the Dutch port city.

The 29-year-old, who was the pre-race favourite, finished the race in Coolsingel in 2:05:00. 's compatriots and training buddies Bernard Koech (2:06:07) and Bernard Kipyego (2:07:57) finished second and third respectively.

The organizers had hoped he'd break the course record of 2:04.27 set in 2009 by the Kenyans Duncan Kibet and James Kwambai, but pacemakers dropped out regularly as wind hindered the runners.

"I'm happy to win the race," Kipchoge said after the race. "Next time, I will come for the course record."

Eliud Kipchoge won the 34th ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday in the Dutch port city.

Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya won the 34th ABN AMRO Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday in the Dutch port city.

Khalid Choukoud made ​​a strong debut, finishing seventh with a time of 2:10:52 meeting the qualification standard for the European Championships in Zurich, and he moved up to the all-time Dutch ranking into ninth place .

After the race, an emotional Choukoud said: "I have no words for it."

Abebech Afework from Ethiopia, second last year in Rotterdam, was the fastest woman with a recorded a time of 2:27:50.

Leading Results:

Place Name City Country Gross
1 Eliud Kipchoge Kenia 2:05:00
2 Bernard Koech Kenia 2:06:08
3 Bernard Kipyego Kenia 2:07:58
4 Deriba Robi Ethiopië 2:08:02
5 Weldu Negash Eritrea 2:09:14
6 Albert Matebor Kenia 2:10:40
7 Khalid Choukoud Nederland 2:10:52
8 Alemayehu Abebe Ethiopië 2:13:30
9 Willem Van Schuerbeeck België 2:13:55
10 James Theuri Frankrijk 2:14:48
11 Koen Raymaekers Nederland 2:15:19
12 Hugo van den Broek Nederland 2:15:31
13 Florent Caelen België 2:17:31
14 Andrea Gagamelli Mondavio 2:17:31
15 Sean Hehir Ierland 2:17:47
16 Olfert Molenhuis Nederland 2:17:49
17 Lander Van Droogenbroeck België 2:18:48
18 Stijn Fincioen België 2:19:10
19 Kári Steinn Karlsson IJsland 2:19:17
20 Michael Brandenbourg Falmagne 2:20:39
21 Sebastièn Schletterer Middelburg 2:20:41
22 Wesley van der Gouw Nederland 2:20:47
23 Fredrik Johansson Göteborg 2:20:53
24 Miguel Beltran Mendez San Juan Del Puerto 2:21:11
25 Gary O'Hanlon Dublin 2:22:52
26 Mike Teekens Rijswijk Zh 2:23:02
27 Dennis Laerte Herent 2:23:11
28 Félix Pont Cháfer Gandía 2:23:45
29 Christoforos Merousis Chios 2:23:53
30 Kazuyoshe Tokumoto Japan 2:24:39
31 Vincent Graas Marseille 2:24:51
32 Eoin Callaghan Gormanstown 2:24:58
33 Rens Dekkers Nederland 2:25:05
34 Roger Könins Burg-Reuland 2:25:22
35 Juan de Dios Salamanca Molina Alcázar de San Juan 2:26:45
36 Alexander Stuffer Sarnthein 2:27:44
37 Philip Van Lierde Denderleeuw 2:27:45
38 Imo Muller Amsterdam 2:27:47
39 Abebech Afework Ethiopië 2:27:50
40 Oscar Martin Perez San Agustin Del Guad 2:28:00