Looking forward to 2008 - Bayo Adio

Submitted by Bayo Adio on 10 December 2007 - 12:33pm

Hello All,

Its a pleasure to be here to have you guys follow my career and my dreams of making the Nigerian Olympic team. I just finished my college eligibility and i had a good year last year. finishing 3rd at nationals in NCAA championship.

Now i am trying to break into the professional department this year. I have trained very well during the off season, and I am ready to start jumping high. My best is 2.20m and i want to extend that personal best to 2.30m at least this year, which i think is very possible, so i can qualify for the world championships or most importantly the Olympics.

I have my first track meet of the season this Friday at the open meet in Iowa state university in USA. This would be a good meet to see where i am at.

2008 goals

My Goal at this meet is to set a new personal best or at least jump my personal best. that would be a good starting point for me. i almost cleared a four-step short approach jump over 2.15m at practice. so that gives me a lot of confidence going into the meet

I have been working on different aspects of the jump like speed, power, strength and also the mental part. i truly believe if you do better in everything else you do in training, you would do better in your specific event too.

Which leads me to one of my favourite quotes. "If you want what you've never had, you must do what you have never done" and another one of my favourites is to always make your weaknesses your strength. those two quotes are very powerful and i live by them it has contributed to my success in college and i hope to continue living by them.

I would have a one month break from competitions, so i would continue to train and get ready for the beginning of my official track season in January.

Well i hope to talk to you guys soon and update you on what's going on.

Thank you for reading.


You can catch up with Bayo during in 2008 Indoor/Outdoor season below:
12/07/07--Iowa State Open -- 2.15m (7' 0½" ft)
01/05/08--Kansas State
01/11/08-- Arkansas Invitational

His full schedule can be found on his website at - http://www.bayoadio.com/schedule.htm