Running into my 26th year of life

Submitted by Rob Mandje on 12 March 2008 - 1:00am

 Image removed.G'day to everyone out in Cyber Space! I'll make this entry a bit shorter, cuz I always complain to my good training mates out there when they ask me to read their stuff, if it's over 150 words.

This past week (I'm updating a bit late) was an Avg/OKAY week @ best. The mileage was solid, but as I mentioned to Harlan (Lorraine's husband & my fav person to wax philosophy with) I can basically roll out of bed on any given week and run a 100 mile week (all things being equal of course).
    Lorraine, Harlan & I had good discussions about my recovery and overall physical state. The "problem" (not a bad one to have), is that we've learned that I can go and go and go in training, and just pound and recover. Well the issue is that at times I'm not at 100% before getting to the next workout (in this case from previous Saturday to this past Tuesday), thus I managed to make it through Tues' workout with good results (fastest avg yet...), but was already in the RED ZONE by Saturday, and thus needing to pull the pin.
    Overall things are going well. Had a lovely birthday with Harlan, Lorraine, their 7 year old Jasmine, and her best friend (and my very good friend as well) Chloe. We went up towards North Boulder (about 3 miles away) to our fav. "Celebratory" local: Dagabi. I've spent my last 2 birthdays (three including this one) there with them. It was very nice of them to take me out to dinner. It was also great to hear from my Mom & Dad, and the rest of my very very tight knit family in Spain. They're all pulling for me extra hard this year, and are always eager to read/hear about my training progress.
    It'd be great if we could have a format here where you could post comments w/out having to register. I know of a ton of friends/family I have out there that read this but don't want to register just to say, "hi" or whatever it's they'd say.
    Well I'll close w/ the typical breakdown of the week. Still don't know if it's over kill to show that part below, but I figure it can be looked @ and questions (if any) can be asked as to the method behind the madness. I know the true running dorks (I know you're out there..hahah) like seeing this. I've got no secrets to hide, just straight training w/ a good goal in mind.

Week (#39) March 2nd  -  8th

Sunday: Distance: 17.50 miles @ 12:30PM (32 degrees), Pace: 6:17 Run Duration: 1h50
Drastic change in temp (with overnight snow!). Ran out towards Wonderland Lake. Didn't feel too great, so turned around and finished run on flatter ground. Calves were pretty sore/tight.

Monday:  Distance: 10.50 miles @ 5:15PM Pace: 6:20. Ran indoors & x-trained @ Rally Sports Gym. Calves weren't 100%.

Tuesday: PM: Workout @ North Boulder.  3 x 1 mile Road Repeats. Terrain = Uphill, Flat, Downhill & Flat. Lorraine  followed in car.  Avg pace = 4:29.67 Fastest: 4:27 (last one)  Slowest: 4:31 (1st one)  Distance: 12.50 miles total for day.

Wednesday: Distance: 14.25 miles @ 5:15PM @ Rally Sports Gym. Pace: 6:19. Decided to stay indoors and treadmill it + x-train due to very sore calves.

Thursday: Distance: 4 miles @ 8:25 AM, out & back on Creek Path ( 25 degrees). 5 P.M 10.50 miles + Rally Sports Gym.

Friday (MY 26th B-day)
: A.M 8:15 Distance: 5 miles out & back on Creek Path. P.M 53 degrees @ 4:15 Distance: 10.50 miles  up & down creek path to remain flat & give right calf a bit of a break.

Saturday A.M  8.50 miles @ 10:40. Easy out & back on Creek Path. Right calf still not 100%, but hoped it'd come around right for the afternoon session. Distance: 8.00 miles
P.M: (47 degrees!) Workout @ Fairview High School: 5 x 800 meters (600m jog recovery) . With Lorraine. Lorraine & I pulled the pin rather early as we could see that I wasn't ready to do the workout. My calves were tight/sore and holding me back. I ran 2 x 800 @ a much slower pace than desire (ran 2:19 & 2:16) and was working far too hard for it. Wasn't too happy 'bout it, but being smart enough to stop a workout short is sometimes better than having the "GUTS" to continue through pain & possibly cause injury.

Week's Total Mileage: 102 (avg: 14.57 miles per day)

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