I have a new coach - Bayo Adio

Submitted by Bayo Adio on 25 January 2008 - 12:38pm

I have been training hard and i am happy i finally have a guidance of a coach that has coached former Olympians and still is currently coaching some of the best jumpers in the US.

It has been hard for me training on my own and trying to critique myself. So that is the new transition I have been going through

I have a new approach, and I am learning new and effective ways of doing things that is going to take some time to get used to. even with the new style and technique that I have just incorporated.

I jumped in a special high jump invitational meet and still managed to clear 2.14m. and I still have so much to correct and it is still early in the season We'll see how I can progress from here on now.

It's hard juggling school, work and practice. and very expensive to travel to all this meets, eat right. go back and forth to training sessions because my coach is in another city located three hours from where I go to school.

So financially I am getting drained and I am not getting any help from any federation or sponsor or anything like that, so I am a starving post collegiate athlete trying to make it. Its hard but I am getting by.

I just hope all this sacrifice pays off soon. I would keep you guys updated again on my progress.

Thanks for reading,