Olympic trials update and last track meet

Submitted by Bayo Adio on 16 July 2008 - 3:19am

Hello you Guys, I am back here to give you an update on how the Nigerian Trials went. I came 2nd but i did not jump the Olympic qualifying standard.

Even though I was feeling really good and was ready to jump high but the Conditions was not suitable at all for me to perform at a high level.

I had to wait about three to four hours to jump after warming up. and been that i am coming at a higher height, there was lots of jumpers that went ahead of me, so i just felt out of rhythm and i was exhausted just from sitting out there in the sun for that long.

But hey those are all excuses. I guess it wasnt meant to be, Im going to try to jump one more time this Friday at the USATF Club Nationals here in Kansas, USA. Its like 30 minutes drive away from where Im staying.

So why not try one more time to at least set myself up for Next year. I just want a Personal Best and if i jump the standard. That would be super awesome too. But I ll check back here with you guys real soon to tell you how i did. This would be my last chance this year to qualify.

Talk to you guys real soon.