The season opener - Bayo- Adio

Submitted by Bayo Adio on 17 December 2007 - 12:36pm

My first track meet went pretty good. I started off the bar at 2.10m, cleared it, went up to 2.15m, cleared it and then 2.20m.

I had pretty good jumps at it. but didn't clear it. but i decided to skip to 2.27m which is 7" 5' 3/4, the Olympic B standard to get a feel for how it's gonna feel, my coach said i might as well start jumping at it, and it wasn't that bad, but i didn't make it.

But i feel good though. I guess 2.15m is a new indoor PR for me. My goal is to extend my starting height to 2.15m though. next meet i know I'm jumping at least 2.24m. we'll wait and see. haa haa.

I'm happy overall with the beginning of the season and also i am faster which is a good indication that training has been going very well. I have also incorporated a lot of speed and explosive training into my routines and I ran the open 60m in 7.17.

Now i have to finish up my exams this week. its so tough trying to balance school and track. but its all good.

Well I'm going to keep training over the Xmas break and get ready for 08. hope you guys all have a merry Xmas and a happy new year. talk to you in 08.

Love y'all.