Sick,, Flu et al - Rob Mandje

Submitted by Rob Mandje on 18 February 2008 - 12:49pm

G'day, this will be a brief entry, as my last 7 days have been less than stellar. I woke up with the FLU last Sunday (02/10) after enjoying a solid workout on Saturday. I'm new to the Flu, so I didn't fully embrace it at first, or know what was wrong with me. Over the next few days I would go through a myriad of symptoms.
On Sunday I woke up and felt like I had been in a fight and severely lost! I had a very liiiiiiiiiiight fever, but mostly just impressive body aches. Monday came and I felt a little better as far as the body aches go, but there was still no running to be done, as I had a minor fever. By Tuesday I was already tired of feeling sick. I felt light headed and pretty week. Wednesday found me with a massive "Nasal" headache. I had also never had one of these before and it was very tough to focus. I also had (for the early part of the morning) a tough time standing up and walking around, as I was suffering some impressive black outs! I'd stand up (didn't matter if it was slow or fast) and have my entire world go black!
I was finally able to run (just 30 mins EASY) on Thursday. Same deal for Friday. I still didn't feel that strong, but I at least just had a cough (still do) to deal with, instead of fevers, chills, head aches, ect... Yesterday (Saturday) I was able to get another run in (40 mins EASY). I hope to get back to full training by Tuesday. I was able to run 50 mins today, but very slowly as my lungs/chest are still fighting the cough.
So that's about it folks. I hope that my entry will have more running involved. I'm definitely on the road back already, so I'm happy about that. I just have to sit tight now and let this cough pass me over.

Peace & Love