Three athletes fail Beijing re-test

Submitted by ATAF Editor on 29 April 2009 - 3:43pm

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has confirmed that "it has been advised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that three athletes have returned positive tests to the new form of EPO named MIRCERA following re-analysis of samples taken by the IOC in Beijing.

"The IAAF understands that the relevant National Olympic Committees have been notified.

"The cases are currently confidential, and the IAAF is bound by its Rules and unable to confirm the names or nationalities of any athletes involved or comment further at this stage. 

"The usual results management procedures for samples taken during the period of the Olympic Games will now apply including the option for all athletes to have their B samples tested. 

"The IAAF must wait for further details from the IOC before considering any provisional suspension of the athletes and a decision is not expected within the next week.

"Just as the IAAF has already re-analysed its own samples taken prior to Beijing, the IAAF would like to commend the IOC for their efforts in the storage and re-analysis of samples and for their coordination with the IAAF in this process.

"This step shows that athletes who cheat can never be comfortable that they will avoid detection and sends a strong message of deterrence."