Botswana Athletics officials prepare for regional games

Submitted by ATAF Editor on 27 April 2010 - 6:23pm

Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) spokesperson says some officials are undergoing injury management course at Med Rescue.

Glody Dube said Botswana is expected to host the Southern Regional Youth Championship next month and said such meets require one to have a fully fledged medical team.

The meet will help athletes to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games.

The competition was initially booked for South Africa, which recently communicated that it has not been able to secure the stadia, which have been booked for the World Cup.

South Africa then requested Botswana to take over.

The public relations officer (PRO) said such competitions require trained medical personnel and said given that they cannot afford to hire medics for the days that the competition will be held they saw it cost effective to train their officials.

The course has attracted 20 clubs and school officials across the country.

The PRO said they selected officials from different parts of the country so that they could assist in future competitions as they have realised that it is costly to send an official to another part of the country to attend to athletes during competitions.