John Fahey to Remain WADA President until the End of 2013

Submitted by Yomi Omogbeja on 22 November 2010 - 7:43pm

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Foundation Board has endorsed a second three-year term for the Agency’s President, the Hon. John Fahey, and Vice-President, Prof. Arne Ljungqvist during its meeting on Sunday.

John Fahey, representing governments, and Arne Ljungqvist, representing the Olympic Movement, were elected respectively WADA’s President and Vice-President during the Third World Conference on Doping in Sport in November 2007 in Madrid, Spain. They assumed their volunteer positions on January 1, 2008.

“I am very grateful to the Foundation Board Members for the trust they have placed in me and I am deeply committed to further advancing the global fight against doping in sport in the coming years,” said John Fahey.

“Over the past three years, this fight has continued to make significant strides under WADA’s guidance and coordination.

As the first government representative to serve at the helm of WADA, I will continue to focus much attention on maximizing the role of governments for enhanced cooperation and sharing of information between governments and sport authorities.

High-profile doping cases and investigations underscore the fact that no sport and no country are immune to the threat of doping, as well as the critical need for strong sport-government collaborative efforts in confronting doping.”

Mr. Fahey also emphasized the importance of education and youth activities in the fight against doping: “Doping in sport is a public health issue. Together, we need to continue to work hard to instil an indelible mindset on the youth that will never allow them to tolerate health and life destroying drugs in their sport.”

“I look forward to continuing to contribute to WADA’s mission of preserving the integrity of sport,” said Arne Ljungqvist.

“The Olympic Movement has always supported WADA and will continue to do so in the future. WADA has come a long way since its inception eleven years ago. I am confident that, together, the sport movement and governments will achieve further success in providing a platform to clean athletes for the pursuit of their objectives.”

WADA is funded and composed in equal parts by the Olympic Movement and governments of the world. Under the Agency's Statutes, the Presidency and Vice-Presidency alternate between the sport movement and governments, with a maximum of two three-year terms for the President and the Vice-President.

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